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  • CEU Seminar - MA - May 22nd

CEU Seminar - MA - May 22nd

  • 22 May 2011
  • Needham, MA

Using Acupuncture and Herbs to Treat:

Infertility Cardiovascular Disease Cancer

May 22, 2011 (Needham, MA - 8 CEUs)

Learn the use of different herbal treatment modalities and acupuncture to enhance your clinical efficacy.

Learn how to use Chinese herbs safely when combined with western medicine.

This is a rare opportunity to study with two senior Chinese medical doctors from Beijing. Dr. Guo, Zhi Qiang, an expert in gynecology and urology, and his wife, Dr. Guo, Xiu Qin, an expert in cardiology, will teach in the U.S. for the first time. (Translation by Dr. Li Zheng)

Gynecology: Infertility & Cancer

Chinese Herbal Medicine Formulas to treat male and female infertility and hormone imbalance according to menstrual, seasonal,

and environmental changes. Topical Therapies Hot packs, enemas, external washes and ion infusion

Use of both decoctions and topical therapies to treat tube blockage, premature ovarian failure, chronic pelvic inflammation, irregular periods, osteoporosis, endometriosis, uterine and ovarian cancer, prostate tumors, and impotence.

Cardiovascular Disease

Chinese Herbal Medicine Formulas to treat coronary artery diseases, heart failure, high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, high blood

pressure, and other cardiovascular diseases.

Fee: $150 (8 continuing education credits) Students receive 10% discount. Additional 5% discount for early registration (by April 22nd)

May 22, 2011 (8 CEUs) 8:30 am - 5:30 pm Contact: Zhen Zhen Zhang

Dr. Guo, Zhi Qiang World famous gynecologist and urologist of Traditional Chinese Medicine with more than forty years of clinical, research and teaching experience

Professor, Dong Zhi Men and Dong Fang teaching hospitals of the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Shadowed famous Chinese medical practitioners, such as Shi Kui Guo, You Bou Guan, Feng Wu Liu Trained in western OBGYN and urology Recipient of an extraordinary contribution award from the State Council of China for his dedicated

clinical, research and teaching work

Combining Chinese and Western medicine in his practice and using both Chinese herbal decoctions and topical therapies, Dr. Guo has obtained extraordinary clinical results.

Dr. Guo, Xiu Qin Renowned cardiologist of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Former president of the first teaching hospital of the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Studied with her father Guo, Shi Kui, famous Chinese medical cardiologist, since her childhood

Sheraton Hotel (100 Cabot St., exit 19A from rte 128) Needham, MA

(617) 584-5569 or (781) 642-6789 goldherbs@gmail.com

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